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testing with connected device

Mar 25, 2010 at 10:00 PM


i have c# gui app that controls an electronic test equipmetn with both usb and LAN ports.  the ip setup is configured for dhcp on, and auto ip on.  i put the device MAC address in the config MAC allowed field and on the MAC reserved list.

from what i understand is that since IP address is not there to start with, a connectionless UDP connection is made.  then following successful connection with the MAC address, using the config file valid address range, it grabs an IP address.  it can then establish Tcp ip connection.  i made this work once so far, but i had to disconnect my other ports; wifi and bluetooth ports before LAN would recognize and do its thing. 

i will look at the source code to see how you do it and how often the supplied IP address is refreshed. 

I am doing this as a demo project for interview as i wanted to not use static ip for the gear.  now, if the DHCP is not detected by the equipment, the gear goes to a factory default address,  this functionality is important in an automated lab setup as you plug/unplug test gear to the lab intranet, the gear can self assign ip addresses without me having to worry about doing it manually. 


any suggested config file setups or other suggestions would be appreciated. 


have a good day