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AutoConfig proxy

first post: joostehost wrote: Good Day, How do I use the response.AddOption(DhcpOption.AutoConf...

supports bootp protocol?

first post: rolandzhang wrote: Does it support bootp protocol?

latest post: sflanker wrote: No, there is no bootp support.

testing with connected device

first post: rharding64 wrote: hello,i have c# gui app that controls an electronic test equipmetn ...

Version 0.2b Bugs

first post: sflanker wrote: Please post Beta 2 bugs here.

Version 0.1b Bugs

first post: sflanker wrote: My apologies to those of you who have already downloaded WinDhcp, b...

latest post: sflanker wrote: I've posted a new release with fixes for the two bugs I've found so...

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